Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Listen Up!

Aunt Liza was out for a visit last week, and at a dinner... we had to discuss
Who's Coming for Dinner?
the crazy new game that we seem to be the only ones playing.  Seriously, you guys, step it up and send in your lists!

Liza invited someone new to me:  Elisabeth Elliot, now actually Mrs. Gren.  Born in Belgium, moved to the US, became a missionary, and later an author and speaker on Christian life.  Check out her daily devotional!  One of the more interesting facts about her is that she spent two years as a missionary to indigenous people of Peru - after they had killed her first husband.

Next up is a woman who almost certainly has already had dinner with Ms. Elisabeth, Ruth Bell Graham.  Both she and the guest of honor attended Wheaton College and met their missionary husbands there.  Ruth Bell met Billy Graham.  Karen recommends Footprints of a Pilgrim, her memoir which is only one of many books she wrote.  One of her great accomplishments was keeping Billy Graham away from the temptations that would have taken him off his path, but she has many others.  One of the only couples to jointly receive a Congressional Medal of Honor.

Yet another Wheaton attendee - not a grad, as they kicked him out - is up next:  Phil Vischer.  One of the founding partners of Veggie Tales, our respect for him went through the roof when we heard him speak on what he learned by losing that company.  (To wait for and follow God's vision for you vs developing your own.)  Now he is running Jelly Telly and making a very cool series called What's in the Bible.  Funny and insightful - great dinner guest.

Our first non-Wheaton guest is Leslie Lombardo.  From the East Coast, she let a biologist sweep her off her feet to Michigan.  An artist by trade, she was called to be the children's education minister at our current church.  She is hugely imaginitive and loves kids and the Lord.  Good invitation.  But we need a picture!

The last place at the table is for Eugene Peterson.  A retired Presbyterian minister and prolific author, he's definitely one of our favorite writers about the faith walk.  His telling of the Bible (not a translation), the Message, is a great read.  We'd also recommend Eat This Book about how to read (really), Under the Undpredictable Plant about vocations and Jonah, and - well - basically anything he's written.  He seems funny and enlightening. 

The place for this dinner is the Carriage House at the Iroquois on the Beach on Mackinac Island.  Beautiful views out over the straights, the Cariage House gives a casual dress fine dining experience with high service, traditional fine cuisine and crazy prices.  (It is Mackinac.)   Definitely save room for the fudge ice cream puff, although the portion size makes this easy.

Who would you invite to this dinner?  Tell us in the comments!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Show of Shows

Andrea was over last night for a game night.  So, of course, we had to ask her...
Who's Coming for Dinner?

Does that work?  I was trying to sound all gameshowy.

It didn't take her long to come up with her first guest:
1)  Betty White!  The Empress of the Internet dominates WCFD in only our second post!  Is there no stopping her?  TV actress and onetime queen of the celebrity guest game show.  Quick witted and entertaining.

2) So who can meet Betty's high standards?  Maybe Bonnie Hunt.  Funny, can talk to anyone.  Had a great interview of Betty White recently.  Plus she might be free since her show was cancelled.  Put this together, I found out she interviewed my favorite speaker, Ken Robinson.  And she'd read his book.

3)  Carrie Fisher.  She was suggested as someone who can bridge generations.  Mother Debbie Reynolds and father Eddie Fisher are classic Hollywood, and Star Wars makes sure that Carrie's well known now.   Plus, she's really funny - her new show, from her own writing, is called Wishful Drinking.

4)  Are any men to join this crew?  Yes!  Danny Kaye is invited.  Charming, funny, talented, philanthropic... perfect man to bring.  Nobody sings like him.  Plus it looks like he has an appreciation for fine food.

5)  Finally, Bill Cosby.  Hilarious, TV giant, performer, jazz aficianado... great fit.  Even game show experience.  But we'd better go somewhere with a good chocolate cake.

So where do you take a crew like this?  Andrea wanted someplace bluesy, so House of the Blues, Chicago, it is. Looks like some good Nawlins cookery.

Who would you invite to this dinner?  Tell us in the comments!  And send me the results of when you played Who's Coming for Dinner with your family or friends!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Dinner Conversation

So at dinner tonight (pork chops, pesto, grilled veggies, vigonier for wine) we had a conversation go crazy.  Xavier asked about favorite foods, that led to favorite restaurants, and that led to with whom would you want to have dinner?  The game followed quickly after.

Players: small group or family.
  • One person says whom they would invite to dinner.  Each other person gets to name another guest who would be good with the first.
  • The original inviter says where they would go for dinner.
  • We made a rule that you couldn't invite God (any person), and would probably treat the people of the Bible as a separate topic.

Pretty easy!  We'd love to post your family or group's picks.  Email them to me at goldenj at gvsu.edu and we'll put them up here.

Our first one:  Xavier invites
  • Stan Lee.  Godfather of modern comics, co-creator of the Fantastic Four, Spider-man, Iron Man, Thor, the Avengers, etc.
We added:
  • Jack Kirby, comic artist great and frequent collaborator and arguer with Stan the Man.
  • Leonardo da Vinci, Renaissance great, and someone we'd want to hear from what he thought about comics.
  • Frida Kahlo, great modern artist and tortured soul.  She's definitely the wildcard here.  Also nice that today's her birthday!  103.
  • Restaurant:  Smith and Wolensky
In the comments:  who would you have invited to this dinner.  Choose one, but you can say who you considered, of course.