Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Dinner Conversation

So at dinner tonight (pork chops, pesto, grilled veggies, vigonier for wine) we had a conversation go crazy.  Xavier asked about favorite foods, that led to favorite restaurants, and that led to with whom would you want to have dinner?  The game followed quickly after.

Players: small group or family.
  • One person says whom they would invite to dinner.  Each other person gets to name another guest who would be good with the first.
  • The original inviter says where they would go for dinner.
  • We made a rule that you couldn't invite God (any person), and would probably treat the people of the Bible as a separate topic.

Pretty easy!  We'd love to post your family or group's picks.  Email them to me at goldenj at gvsu.edu and we'll put them up here.

Our first one:  Xavier invites
  • Stan Lee.  Godfather of modern comics, co-creator of the Fantastic Four, Spider-man, Iron Man, Thor, the Avengers, etc.
We added:
  • Jack Kirby, comic artist great and frequent collaborator and arguer with Stan the Man.
  • Leonardo da Vinci, Renaissance great, and someone we'd want to hear from what he thought about comics.
  • Frida Kahlo, great modern artist and tortured soul.  She's definitely the wildcard here.  Also nice that today's her birthday!  103.
  • Restaurant:  Smith and Wolensky
In the comments:  who would you have invited to this dinner.  Choose one, but you can say who you considered, of course.


  1. Umm... I'm not sure who I would invite to this dinner. But I love the idea that created this blog! Are you still going to update the other family blog?

    Tai Tai

  2. Yes we'll update the family blog! In fact, today.