Thursday, September 2, 2010

Star-Studded Supper with Streep

Sorry!  We invitations for 4 dinners to get recorded here.  We're signing up some guest bloggers, and that should help with the backlog.

We had an evening with the Mattoxes where the adults and the kids came up with separate lists.  The adult list took on a very scientific bent.  The kid's list started, surprisingly, with the Prada wearing Devil...

Meryl Streep - obviously an amazing career, with more Oscar nominations than any other actor ever.  But it was the Devil Wears Prada and Mamma Mia that got her on this invitation list.  Oh, Mamma Mia...

Meryl Streep - Dancing Queen from Mamma Mia
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So who would like to eat with Meryl?  The next choice was our family favorite, undoubtedly chosen for his singing as well as acting.
Started as a child star, went to broadway, became close friends with Stephen Sondheim, started a new art form of sing-along blog...

Neil Patrick Harris.

Who's joining Neil and Meryl?  The next guest was a classic surprise.  I don't even know for sure how he was known to them.  Described as a cool, funny actor that has been in a lot of movies that were liked, especially My Favorite Wife.  Please welcome, Cary Grant!

The last guest would have the paparazzi lining up around the block.  I'm pretty sure he got in on the strength of his pirate work, but definitely has some real acting chops besides.  Of course, this must be Johnny Depp.

The restaurant for this star-studded gala event might surprise you, but we hear the food is good with a wide variety of dishes.  Xo Asian Cuisine in Grand Rapids.

As always, if you have enjoyed playing this game, we'd love to hear about whom you invited to dinner!